Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure Gone Wrong

'Tis true.  I am obsessed with all things Kardashian.  (And I may occasionally watch The Real Housewives of insert city here.) 

Just two weeks ago, I was after J nonstop to download the fairy tale wedding extravaganza of Kim and Kris.  I couldn't wait to see the over-the-top glamour that this wedding would most certainly be.  And I was not disappointed.
**Well, okay, maybe I was a titch disappointed.  I was not a fan of Kim's (3!) dresses, or the crazy diamond headpiece she wore during the ceremony.**

I was uber excited to watch this two part E! special.  And now, a mere 72 days after this fabulous wedding took place, Kimmie has filed for divorce.


Only not really.  It seemed on the show that the two didn't know each other that well.  They may have moved too fast.  (And this, coming from someone who got engaged a mere five months after meeting the guy.)  They spent much of their courtship, if you will, on opposite coasts.

And now that they're married, word on the street is that Kris isn't dealing well with the constant presence of camera crews, and Kim thought he knew what he was signing on for.  Kris wants to retire to the midwest and raise a family, while Kim wants to be in the constant limelight of celebrity.

Warning: A tiny rant to follow.

Why on earth would someone give up the marriage instead of the reality show?!?!  This only shows that the sacredness of marriage means nothing to my dearest Kardashian.  The vows that she took clearly meant nothing to her compared to her beloved "brand."  Marriage means "'til death do us part," not "'til this rough patch cramps my style."

End rant.

Word on the street also has it that poor Kris was blindsided by the divorce filing, saying that he loves Kim and would do anything to save their union.  Apparently, he learned about the divorce from Ryan Seacrest, just like the rest of us.


I suppose now I have no choice but to continue to watch the saga unfold on reality TV. 

For shame. 


  1. Girl, I wish I could agree with you on this one! I can not stand the Kardashians. That 10 million dollar wedding threw me into a rage. I blogged about it too. I'm looking forward to writing my follow up blog to their wedding!!!

  2. Ashley, I just can't look away- it's like a train wreck! But my word, I hope that she is embarrassed by all of the wedding hoopla, considering that this is how things ended up. And if it makes you feel any better, I read that they didn't actually spend $10 million (although that's what the wedding was worth). People were lining up to give things away in order to be featured as part of the big day. Guess that's a perk of being a celebrity!



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