Tuesday, November 1, 2011


With all the talk of (non)scary movies, I got to thinking about movie villains.  J and I were talking about this this weekend, as we watched the Harry Potter channel.  (Yep, when you make your own TV, you can do stuff like have a Harry Potter channel.)

I believe that the character of Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter movies is perhaps my most hated movie villain of all time.
Don't let her stupid smile, her cup of tea, or her love of kittens fool you.  This bitch is pure evil.

Every time she clears her throat with her teeny, tiny "ahem", I get so enraged that I want to kick her in her stupid face.

A little overboard?  Perhaps.  But not really.

Seriously, the filmmakers of this series did such an incredible job of making her so very hateable that it is almost painful to watch the movies.  Almost.

And the kicker here?  She's not even really the bad guy (although she is certainly not a good guy)!  Clearly, Lord Voldemort is the ultimate villain in the world of Harry Potter.  And yet I don't have the same physical, clenchy reaction when he is onscreen. 

So BRAVO, makers of the Harry Potter films.  I hate Dolores Umbridge the most.  Movie villainy at its finest.

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