Monday, November 14, 2011


I really have to exercise restraint this time of year.  You see, I love Christmas.  It is such a happy time of year.  I love the family gatherings, the exchanging of gifts, the meals prepared with love, the decorations, the beautiful lights, the movies, the music...

Clearly, there's not much about Christmas that I don't like.

I could easily get wrapped up in my holiday revelry around Labor Day if I'm not careful.

I've always had a hard and fast rule with myself: Christmas celebrating does not begin until after Thanksgiving.  This means no music, no tree, no watching of all of the movies.  No lights, no wreaths, no nothin'.

It appears I may have broken my rule.

In my defense, it was completely on accident.  You see, the radio station that I regularly listen to pulled a fast one on me, and switched their normal classic rock playlist to one of holiday joy.  They have never done this in years past!  Usually, the day after Thanksgiving, I switch the radio in my car to the Christmas music station.  This year, I got in the car innocently enough, expecting to hear my norm.  I was shocked and amazed by what I heard- but I didn't change the station.

'Tis true.  The music makes me happy.  And now that I've heard it, I'm hooked.  I will not be changing the station.

Also, I've officially amended my hard and fast rule: Christmas revelry may now begin anytime after Veteran's Day.  ;)

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