Friday, November 30, 2012

Bump Watch: Weeks 32 and 33

Man, am I a slacker blogger.  But the Thanksgiving festivities and a wonderful wedding had me busy busy last week, and this week, I'm busy catching up.  You know, on life.  And catching up takes me a while, because I move at a bit of a snail's pace these days...

Anyway, here's where we're at.
Anyone ever heard of a durian?  It looks downright painful.
If you'll recall, at my last appointment I was measuring a little ahead of schedule.  Since then, I've been back to the OB and, just as I suspected, am still measuring ahead.  I'm not at all concerned about this, as I measured a little big the entire third trimester with the nugget.  The bonus of all of this is that I get a late ultrasound to check everything out.  In other words, the docs want to make sure I'm not growing a giant.  Which would be really weird, since I'm still 4ish pounds down from my starting weight.  I'm so weird!  In any case, next week J and I will get one last peek at the little lady before she makes her arrival.

Speaking of OB appointments- they're every two weeks now.  Well, for the next month, anyway.  Then I move to weekly appointments.  Take the frequency of my appointments and throw in Christmas, and the rest of this pregnancy is going to fly by.

Here's hoping, anyway...especially since my old friends nausea and vomiting have once again reared their ugly heads.  This pregnancy really is SO similar to my last.  (I'll be asking for a triple check for girl parts at next week's scan, because there ain't a whole lot of difference between my boy pregnancy and this girl one...)  Luckily, as of now it's not too bad.  A little nausea here and there, and I've only had to make a run for the bathroom twice.  THIS I can deal with, after the terribleness that was the beginning.  Let's just hope this is as bad as it's going to get.

There has been major nursery progress since my last post.  By the end of this weekend, I hope to have a mostly completed baby girl room.  Nesting is here in full force, and things are getting checked off lists at a rate that makes me happy (and J sad).  Pictures to come soon!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 31

Only nine weeks to go.  That's single digits, baby!
I think that hiccups are are the name of the game this week.  I have felt them so many times!  Not my favorite when they happen in the middle of the night, but it is what it is!  Little lady's other movements are still ever present, but they are changing.  She no longer has the space to stretch out in there, or wind up before she hits.  Her movements now are more like she's pushing out from within.  Definitely uncomfortable, but not as painful as those sharp jabs she used to give me!  The coolest thing lately has been that since she's getting so big, I am sometimes able to distinguish body parts.  I've definitely felt a butt pushing out, and either a hand or foot.

Thankfully, hiccups aside, I am managing to sleep relatively well.  Of course, I have to get up once or twice for bathroom breaks, but that just comes with the territory.  So far, the insomnia has kept itself away.  Thank you!

I am running out of energy (and the ability to move with any hint of grace), and yet feel the need to get a million things done.  Not the best combination.  Painting the nursery is on the weekend agenda.  I will feel much better after that is completed!

Baby appointment next week- the last of the four week visits!  After this, I move to every two weeks for a bit.  This is when time really starts to fly!  Seven months down, two to go!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fire Fighter Gabe

Last week, the nugget and I were able to visit a local fire station.  As I predicted, all he could do for the entire hour we were there was "oooooh" and "aaaaaahh" at the fire trucks.  Simply put?  The boy was in heaven.

What a fun morning for my little man.

As if it wasn't already awesome to be able to run around the bay and touch, sit in, and "drive" all the trucks...then they gave him a hat.

 It's still his favorite.

Monday, November 12, 2012

TV Lately

Okay guys, I know I'm behind the times here.  But what I DO have is a toddler, and what I DO NOT have is cable- or the ability to keep my eyes open past 9:30 pm.  I'm doing my best!

I realized late last week that the current season of Project Runway must have wrapped by now.  I did a little looking to see that yes, it had ended, and the rest of the world had already moved onto All Stars season 2.  So I used my lunch hour to catch myself up on the last few episodes.  (I suppose here is the spot where I'm supposed to shout SPOILER ALERT, but really, the show ended a month ago.  Aren't I the last to know?)

How are we all feeling about Dmitri being crowned victorious?
Winner Dmitri with cleavagey Heidi.
There is no doubt that that man can sew.  His work is beautiful and truly flawless.  I liked.
Beautiful construction, crazy eyebrows.  Give him a break, he's a designer, not a stylist.
But every time I hear him speak, I think of Gru.  I can't be the only one, right?
Also, I can't possibly be the only one who was shocked at Christopher's sudden falling apart?  I thought he was most certainly the front runner going into that last episode.  What happened??  Those editors sure did a good job with playing that one off.  Kind, sympathetic Christopher came off like a little bitch in the finale.  Not sad to see him lose.
Bitchy Christopher being bitchy.

Anywho- the REAL reason I got behind on my beloved Runway (and all other current shows, for that matter) is because I found a new obsession.

Friends, do you all watch Revenge?

Because O.M.G.  I cannot stop.  How did I let this pass me by last year without a glace?  I heard about it here and there, and come Emmy time, read in several places that Madeleine Stowe had been robbed of a nomination.  SO, I set my trusty computer nerd on the task of finding me the first season.

I was immediately hooked.  (For the record, I tried to get said trusty computer nerd on board as well, but alas, he proclaimed it to be a soap opera and never got past the first episode.)  In a matter of two weeks, give or take, I had flown through season one.  I LOVE IT.  I cannot wait to get into season 2.

So that's what I've been watching as of late.  What other gems are out there that I don't know about?  Fill me in.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 30

30 weeks!  That's 75% of the way there, folks.
And is it wrong that I'm SO thankful for that?

This week has actually been a good one.  I haven't been as excruciatingly sore as I was a couple of weeks back.  I've made it through several days without a nap.  And I've been motivated to get things done around here!

I've hit the point where I'm starting to gather things together in preparation for the little lady's arrival.  I haven't yet packed my bags (it's just a titch too early for that still), but I have started lists and ordered a few items that I know I'll want on hand for my recovery after we bring baby home.  I've also crossed all of the must-purchase-for-new-baby items off of my list.  With the exception of clothing, of course.  Because let's be real- I'm having a girl.  I'll never be done buying her clothes.

So what are your thoughts on old wives tales?  My husband, of course, thinks they're utter crap.  You know, because of SCIENCE.  I say science, schmience.  My heartburn is wicked right now.  I had to get up in the middle of the night last night to take something for the fire.  I had heartburn with the nugget, but not like this.  He was born with a very full head of hair.  What are the chances the little lady will leave the hospital with a mane like her brother's?  Keeping my fingers crossed that the old wives tale proves true again...

AND - SURPRISE!  As requested- I have an actual, for real belly pic this week!
J and I on our way to a Prohibition Party.

You think I've got a baby in there, or what?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Operation Save-a-Bonus-Room: Reveal

Wow, has THIS post been a long time coming!  I've written several times before about the sad, sorry state of my bonus room.  (See here, here, and here.)  At various times, this room has been referred to by its given name, but also as the crap hole, the man cave, and then my personal favorite, the cat pee room.  Good stuff here, people.

Alas, it now has yet another new name: play room.

All of the hard work of the past seven (!) months has paid off, and the nugget now has a space of his own in which to store all of his toys and playthings.  And this Mama couldn't be any happier to have all of his crap toys out of the living room!

Behold, the play room.

View from the doorway.

View from the window.  A cozy corner for guests to sleep in.  Notice Gabe's artwork hung above the bookshelves?

A nugget-sized table and chairs.  Used to belong to my little brothers and sister many moons ago.  It has aged well!

I just love these festive paper lanterns hanging in the corner.

Also this bright pennant banner in place of curtains.

And that skinny nook that used to house the litter box?  The perfect place for the elliptical.
Ahhh...a usable room once more.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 29

From thebumpYou’re probably already getting a little preview of baby’s personality, the more your feel him move. You might get some playful kicks and jabs, and start to feel little hiccups, too! At 29 weeks, he’s not just moving a lot, he’s also plumping up. And as he continues to put pressure on your digestive system, you’re going to feel the effects: hemorrhoids, heartburn, pelvic pain and frequent urination are all common at this stage in the game.

Yep.  All of this.  Except we're having a she, not a he.

I am feeling HUGE these days.  I was just looking back at pictures from my first pregnancy, and I've gotta tell you, I am almost as big as I was at the end with the nugget.  The body remembers, and it had NO problem stretching out this time.

The good news is, the ligament pain that I was suffering has lightened up.  Not sure if baby went through a growth spurt, and my ligaments just needed a minute to adjust, or if all of the support garments I've been wearing are really helping.  Either way, I think I'll make them a staple of my (ever decreasing) wardrobe.  Seriously, I've already outgrown some of my tops.  What am I going to do for the next 11 weeks??

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monkeying Around

Happy Halloween, friends!

Dressed the nugget up as a monkey.  If you ask him what a monkey says, he'll reply with "ah ah ah!"  Here he is checking himself out in the mirror.

In the wagon, ready to roll!

Off with Daddy to trick-or-treat for the first time!

Back from trick-or-treating.  Whatcha' got in that bowl, Mama?

Baby's first KitKat.


I'll give it a whirl.


And he spent the rest of the night with a chocolate face, begging for more candy.  He's a big boy now!
Cutest monkey on the block!


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