Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Go or Not To Go: That is the Question

Lately, J and I have been tossing around the idea of moving.  His new job comes with a hefty commute, which doesn't seem fair given the fact that I'll have the luxury of being at home.  Plus, although my house seemed like perfection when I bought it as a single woman, it's not as perfect now that I'm sharing it with a husband and child.

The biggest problem?  We are seriously lacking storage space of any kind. We do not have a floored attic, the house is on a slab, therefore no crawl space, and the one-car garage is already full of stuff.  And don't even get me started on the closet space.  When it was just me, I comfortably fit my wardrobe into the closets of all three bedrooms.  Having to share that space is a nightmare of epic proportions.

SO, I began to dream about a bigger house.  It just seemed like it was time.

But the truth of the matter is, our current house is plenty big for the three of us, and even a fourth if that should be in the cards anytime soon. And the more real (and depressing) truth is that we would almost assuredly lose money trying to sell my five-year-old house in this current market.

So this weekend, J and I made a plan.  We are staying put for at least the next year.  There are things we can do to make this house more livable, and more appealing for awhile longer.

First, Operation Save-a-Bonus-Room is in effect.  Door in our possession and to be installed soon, new flooring to follow.  Second, we will try and find a way to floor the attic, giving us some additional storage space.  Third, I will be doing some major cleaning out of crap we don't need.  And lastly, if we know we plan to stay put for awhile, we can refinance, and save some money on that monthly mortgage payment.  (You know, so we can spend it on these home projects.) 

Although I have a little sadness at kissing my bigger house goodbye (for now), it is a nice feeling to have a plan.

And now, I start working on my new to-do list!  J will be so pleased.


  1. I'm excited to read about your decluttering and bonus room adventures. Did you by chance find out why the cat was using the room as her personal litterbox?

    1. I didn' cat is CUH-RAZY araid of the vet. As in, they have to put on those huge hawk-handling gloves so she doesn't maim them while they are gassing her to sleep so they can examine her. I am going to try the move to the garage, and if we still have an issue, I'll brave the vet to see if she's got a problem.

  2. Simplifying is always cheaper! I have learned a lot from my Depression-era relatives, and have saved some money by learning to hide my stuff well (i.e., storage). LOL

  3. Where does your husband work? Zack commutes 30 min to Sanford, but I would NEVER live there. I love HS. We are on the 5-7 year plan for this house. We are approaching 3 and I'm already itching to get out.

    1. He now works all the way up in Brier Creek, and we live in Fuquay. Basically, we could live just about ANYWHERE but here and shave a lot of time off of his commute. Makes the house hunting easier when we do decide to move!



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