Monday, April 23, 2012

Track Out, Week 2

Here I am, heading into the second week of my very last track out.  After this week, I head back to school for 43 more days of teaching.  (Not that I'm counting, or anything.)

On the agenda for the week?

  • A visit from my mom.  She is very handy, and is always willing to help me with projects around the house.  This week's project is ripping up the carpet in the bonus room and prepping the sub-floor for new carpet.  We may even throw in a side of painting the nugget's new bathroom.  Fun stuff.
  • Organizing yard sale paraphernalia.  Seriously, I feel like I'm getting ready to open shop.  And yet we still have so much stuff...hmmm...  
  • Putting away some of Gabe's baby stuff, and organizing his room a little bit.  This kid is all big boy now.  I'm pretty sure the receiving blankets and burp cloths are no longer vital items to be included in his changing table baskets.  They will be replaced with books (his favorite thing- yay!), which he can have access to when he wants to sit in his new chair to read.
I have been dreaming of my boy sitting in this adorable mini-chair for months.  I'm spending next month's allowance to get it for him, because I love it so.  And he loves little chairs so.  And also books.  Can you picture the cuteness, along with the correct name embroidered on the chair back?

  • Many visits to the park.  My big boy loves it there.
Exciting stuff, huh?  Ah, the life of a stay at home mom.  A girl could get used to this.


  1. Where do you get those chairs? And do they come in girlie colors too?

    1. They're from Pottery Barn Kids, and they come in about a million different colors. Gabe's is scheduled to arrive today- I'm too excited!



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