Thursday, April 5, 2012

James Bond, You're Dead To Me

James Bond...perhaps the coolest badass of them all.  He is suave and debonair, and yet he will punch you right in the throat if you look at him sideways.  And you won't even have seen it coming.  After all, he does have a license to kill. 

His character is one of the most iconic of all time.

What is he known for?  Well, romancing the ladies, of course.  Everybody knows that James gets all the ladies.  Catching bad guys (and their hottie assistants, whom he will surely get busy with before they are killed by said bad guys).  Solving mysteries.  All the while, wearing a stylish suit and crisp shirt.  Much more smooth businessman than secret spy.  And that 007- after he introduces himself to the hottie at the bar- "My name is Bond...James Bond"- he orders himself a martini.  Shaken, not stirred.

That is, until now.

The sellouts over in 007ville have made a deal with the devil.  Heineken being the devil in this particular case. 

According to this article, James will no longer be ordering martinis in the upcoming Bond installment "Skyfall."  Instead, he will belly up to the bar and order a Heineken.


Not only does this ruin the classic James Bond image for me, but HEINEKEN?  It's not even good!  At least they could have chosen a pricey craft beer over this mediocre import. 

For the record, the article was found and forwarded to me by J.  As a 007 fan, he may have cried a little inside upon reading this atrocious news.  And who could blame him?

For shame, James.  For shame.

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  1. I'm not suprised by this..
    Q becoming a young guy, the car of choice no longer garanteed to be an Austin Martin, weird and impossible to ever be created scifi gadgets ala Triple X [fyi: ian flemming and the old bond movies always used close-to-truth gadgets], Moneypenny getting ingored, a woman sharing the lead role with Bond, the classic Martini cocktail being replaced by the American VODKA Martini [casino royale]...

    Ya didn't catch the one about M getting killed off in this new Bond flick yet, did ya?



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