Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Margot: Two Months

Oh, how the time is already flying.  My girl is two months old today.  What a wonderful month is has been!
We have had a few MAJOR highlights this month.  First and foremost, she started smiling.  There is absolutely nothing better in this world than seeing your child's lips turn up into a smile when they see you.  This is J's favorite part of early babyhood.  Up until now, he hasn't had a ton of interaction with the wee one.  As feeding is mainly my gig (although we have introduced a bottle here and there), he doesn't get a chance to feel the love as often as I do.  But now that she can look up at her daddy and smile, I have a feeling Margot has begun the inevitable wrapping of the father around the little finger...
The other highlight this month?  She has begun to think about sleeping through the night.  It has happened twice now, so I am hoping this means we are on our way to the real deal!  On the nights when she does awaken, she usually needs me for about 15 minutes somewhere near the 4am hour.  I can live with it.  Now I need to get used to her sleeping longer stretches, because the two times she slept all the way until morning, I slept fitfully, anticipating her waking up at any moment.  

Gabe has turned a bit of a corner with his baby sister.  He exhibits serious concern when she cries.  He laughs at her coos.  And he even let me put her on his lap for a hot second.  I call all of this progress.  I think he may just love her yet.    

And now, photo bomb.

Friday, March 1, 2013

He's TWO!

Yes, you read that correctly.  The nugget is two years old.  Let's pause for a moment to let that sink in...
Enjoying a lollipop, which he loves.  What does he NOT love?  Having his picture taken.
I can hardly believe that he's been with us for two whole years (+ four days one week ten days).  They have certainly been the best two years of my life, and life just keeps getting sweeter.

My boy is starting to develop a personality, and he is so much fun.  He is beginning to say new words at a rapid pace.  He can run and jump and climb with the big kids,  And this week marks the first time I've seen him exhibit a sense of humor, and it was amazing!  He laughed- big, huge, belly laughed- at a silly part of a movie.  It is so incredible to watch my boy learn and grow!

Gabe's favorites at two:

  • Cars.  He can differentiate between a car and a truck.  Lately he's figured out what a jeep is.  And in the construction vehicle department, he likes to point out and name dump trucks and cement mixers.  Trains and airplanes are fun, too.  He likes things that GO!
  • Books.  This boy would sit and read and read and read all the livelong day.  This makes my heart happy.   
  • The alphabet.  Gabe knows all of his capital letters, and a few lowercase here and there.  He likes to point out and name the letters he sees.  I am amazed that he already has this knowledge at such a young age.  Which brings me to his next favorite...
  • Super Why!  What a great show.  I am confident that this show is what got my boy started identifying letters.  We, of course, nurtured and encouraged this.  Gabe also likes to watch Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street.  We haven't completely forsaken his old friends over at Yo Gabba Gabba, but I much prefer PBS.  
  • Technology.  Big surprise here, right?  Gabe is more than competent with his iPad.  Yes, his iPad.  He comandeered J's original pad, and J got a mini for Christmas, so now Gabe has his very own.  He has several apps that he knows and loves.  He also loves the iPhone.  (Best thing ever for keeping kids content whilst out in public.  Not sure how people parented before this best invention ever.)  
Although the nugget is officially a terrible two, he is still pretty happy, fun, and well behaved.  He has his moments (don't we all?), but overall, he is a really great kid.  I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!
Two year old Gabe, playing at the park.


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