Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 37

And NOW I am ready.  At last update, I mentioned how I was ready to hold her and see her sweet face.  Well, I am still ready for those things, however, I am also ready for her to VACATE THE PREMISES.  As in, get out.  I am feeling pretty done being pregnant.

I still don't feel terrible, other than the ohmygodmybodyissplittlinginhalf hip pain.  Mostly, I'm just huge and uncomfortable.  Moving is a serious chore.  And I keep bumping into things with my belly, because I just can't even tell how much space I take up anymore.

The braxton hicks contractions are here, and not infrequent.  I'm hoping this means that my body is gearing up, and that the little lady plans to make her arrival soon.

Oh, yeah...and I've started snoring.  Like a freight train.  If J hears it at night, you know it's bad.  Because that man can sleep.  And what's worse is that I'm even waking myself up.  Like sleeping isn't already hard enough for me these days!  Between the snoring, the drooling, and the up-top leaking...I'm just a hot mess at night.  This is just nature's way of preparing me for the lack of sleep to come.    

Countdown: 19 days.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bump Watch: Weeks 35 and 36

We're officially down to the last month!  WOOHOO!
It's hard to believe that in just 4 weeks (or less), I will be holding my baby girl.


I've gotten to that point where I just want meet her.  I want to see her face, and hold her...and, I have to admit, dress her up.  Hey, I'm having a girl.  You other mothers of girls would probably be lying if you said you didn't feel the same way.

I don't have many complaints at the moment, which is shocking considering my size.  At my 35 week appointment, I measured a full-term 40.  Whatayagonnado?  Sure, my hips hurt, and I can't get comfortable in bed.  And yes, moving around in any capacity whatsoever is a chore.  But overall, I'm feeling pretty good. Just anxious.

So it has begun.  The wondering about every twinge- could it be a contraction?  This weekend, a towel goes under my sheets, just in case my water breaks while I'm sleeping.  Once we get past Christmas, I'm packing the bags and installing the car seat.    

In short?  Now we wait.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life is Happening

Yep, I missed my bump update last week, but rest assured, I am still pregnant.  I'll catch you all up this week.

In the meantime, here's what's been going on round about these parts.  And yes, I could probably split this up into several posts, but let's be honest...I'm not so great with keeping up with the ole' blog lately, so this way is probably best.

  • Since going back and forth approximately a million and three times about whether to try and sell our house and move or to stay put for awhile, we finally refinanced.  Why we didn't do this sooner, I'll never know.  We dragged our feet for far too long, and then suddenly, just like that, our mortgage payment is $300 less each month than we've been paying.  Thank you, President Obama, for your wonderful government program for those unfortunate homeowners like me, who have been previously unable to take advantage of these low interest rates.  We are now on a three year plan to move (actually, we're down to two and a half), and I'm okay with that.  Especially given all the recent work done around here to make all of our rooms usable spaces!
  • We had to put down our sweet hound dog Daphne.  She very suddenly got very sick, and over the course of a heart wrenching month, declined to the point where we knew what we had to do.  It has been hard to get used to not having her around the house, but we are adjusting to being a one dog family.  And to find that silver lining- I had no idea how much easier life would be with only one.  We're glad Daphne is at peace now.
  • Moving on past the sadness...the boy is finally becoming a talker.  At one point, I was keeping track of his words.  And then suddenly, there were too many, and we were adding to the list at such a rapid pace, that I gave up.  He has surprised us several times with things that he's able to say.  He knows the sounds of just about every farm animal, can name many body parts, and can ask for things he wants.  (Or at the very least, he has mastered "please" and will beg and point.)  And as it is clearly in his genes- his most clearly spoken word is "beer."  He points to J's glass each night and lets us know that he knows what's in it.  He also demonstrated last week that he is capable of repeating what he hears his parents say, as he very clearly said "DICK" from the backseat of the van after he heard me call a parking spot stealer this offensive term.  Oops.  Time to turn on the filter.
  • And finally, this awesome video.  Enjoy.      

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Traditions in the Making

It is no secret that I LOVE the holiday season.  Every year I am so excited to decorate the tree, hang the lights, watch Christmas movies, shop for the perfect gifst, bake a million cookies.  This year, my excitement has doubled (if not tripled or perchance even quadrupled).

There is something so special about starting holiday traditions with my own little family.

Now that the nugget is a year older, I cannot wait to share all of my holiday excitement with him.  I know that he's still a little too young to really know what's going on, but I feel like he's old enough to realize that it's something out of the ordinary and special.

So far, we have gone to pick out Gabe's 2012 ornament for the tree (Epic fail.  He picked a truck, of course, but would have no part of said truck hanging on the tree out of his reach for playing.  Said truck is now "all gone," hiding in the back of the tree where it cannot be seen.  Try again next year!), I have purchased his Christmas jammies and story book for Christmas Eve (a tradition that I am carrying on from the Nana), and we have watched a few Christmas specials here and there.

And this past weekend, we took Gabe to his very first parade.  Neither J nor myself could even remember the last time we had been to a parade.  This was made painfully obvious when we found a parking spot and started to unload the car, only to realize that we had been so stupid as to not bring chairs or even a blanket to sit on.  (I blame the pregnancy brain.)  But we soldiered on to our chosen spot, which was luckily right outside of a Rite Aid.  J promptly purchased us a little blanket to save our backsides from the wet grass.

Gabe loved it.  He watched and watched, occasionally waving to the paraders, clapping his hands, pointing, and oohing and aahing at all of the cars.  Some classic cars, some race cars, some mini-Shriner-cars, some big trucks hauling floats, and also some motorcycles thrown in for good measure. He also caught on quickly to the fact that candy was being thrown.  Man, did he love that lollipop...
The many faces of Gabe.  
I am so looking forward to the rest of this magical month with my boys.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 34

That leaves us with only six weeks left to gestate here, folks.
Well, my fears have lessened after my last OB appointment.  As of right not, I am not growing a giant.  We had an ultrasound last week that showed the little lady's growth to be in the 66th percentile.  Certainly not small, but not a 12-pounder, either.  Doc says that she looks to be on track to be just about the same size as the nugget.  And if birthing him didn't kill me, birthing her won't, either.

Apparently, though, my uterus IS of the extra large variety.  I measured a whopping SIX weeks ahead following the ultrasound.  Luckily, we had just gotten a peek to know that everything is fine in there, otherwise the doctor would have had some concerns.  But I guess those extra centimeters are just "me," as he said.  What this means is that even though baby is of the appropriate size and fluid is of the appropriate level, they probably won't let me go past my due date.  (THANK YOU, LORD!)

And that's what we learned.

This late ultrasound was not nearly as exciting as the late one we had with Gabe.  But I'm okay with this.  It turns out there was not much we could actually see, since this one is head down and facing my back, like a good little girl.  She has assumed the position.  So we couldn't see her face.  Fingers crossed that she stays this way!

What we could see, however...was hair.  She will not be a baldy like her mama was.  I can't wait to see if she has as much hair as her brother did, and if she will be another ginger to add to the family!

This is the only shot we took away from that appointment- her noggin, covered by fuzzy hair.  We may not be able to see her face, but we'll be seeing it live and in person in just a few weeks!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bump Watch: Special Edition- The Nursery

I still need a few more odds and ends- a little side table next to the chair, a cute lamp for the dresser- but for the most part, the little lady's room is FINISHED.  J and I spent the weekend assembling, arranging, washing, organizing, and hanging, and we are now ready for her arrival.  And just to ease my crazy pregnant brain, I even bought a pack of diapers.  When I say ready, I mean ready.

Enjoy the girly, ruffly, pretty nursery!  And as an added bonus to this post- I recently realized that I have not yet revealed the little lady's name in this space.  As her name plays a part in her room decor, you, my dear readers, will now be let in on the secret.

Here it is!
Changing table and rocker.  

My favorite feature!  Pinterest inspired, of course.  Big shout out to my MIL for helping put these hoops together, and to J for hanging those letters in a straight, evenly spaced manner on the first try!
Her crib, where I know she will rest peacefully and begin sleeping through the night in no time.  ;)
Her monogrammed quilt.  I kinda love that her monogram reads as MAC.
And laid out on the changing table, her coming home outfit, waiting to be packed.  Baby's first Ralph Lauren!
I can't wait for my sweet Margot Claire to arrive!


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