Friday, December 21, 2012

Bump Watch: Weeks 35 and 36

We're officially down to the last month!  WOOHOO!
It's hard to believe that in just 4 weeks (or less), I will be holding my baby girl.


I've gotten to that point where I just want meet her.  I want to see her face, and hold her...and, I have to admit, dress her up.  Hey, I'm having a girl.  You other mothers of girls would probably be lying if you said you didn't feel the same way.

I don't have many complaints at the moment, which is shocking considering my size.  At my 35 week appointment, I measured a full-term 40.  Whatayagonnado?  Sure, my hips hurt, and I can't get comfortable in bed.  And yes, moving around in any capacity whatsoever is a chore.  But overall, I'm feeling pretty good. Just anxious.

So it has begun.  The wondering about every twinge- could it be a contraction?  This weekend, a towel goes under my sheets, just in case my water breaks while I'm sleeping.  Once we get past Christmas, I'm packing the bags and installing the car seat.    

In short?  Now we wait.

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