Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life is Happening

Yep, I missed my bump update last week, but rest assured, I am still pregnant.  I'll catch you all up this week.

In the meantime, here's what's been going on round about these parts.  And yes, I could probably split this up into several posts, but let's be honest...I'm not so great with keeping up with the ole' blog lately, so this way is probably best.

  • Since going back and forth approximately a million and three times about whether to try and sell our house and move or to stay put for awhile, we finally refinanced.  Why we didn't do this sooner, I'll never know.  We dragged our feet for far too long, and then suddenly, just like that, our mortgage payment is $300 less each month than we've been paying.  Thank you, President Obama, for your wonderful government program for those unfortunate homeowners like me, who have been previously unable to take advantage of these low interest rates.  We are now on a three year plan to move (actually, we're down to two and a half), and I'm okay with that.  Especially given all the recent work done around here to make all of our rooms usable spaces!
  • We had to put down our sweet hound dog Daphne.  She very suddenly got very sick, and over the course of a heart wrenching month, declined to the point where we knew what we had to do.  It has been hard to get used to not having her around the house, but we are adjusting to being a one dog family.  And to find that silver lining- I had no idea how much easier life would be with only one.  We're glad Daphne is at peace now.
  • Moving on past the sadness...the boy is finally becoming a talker.  At one point, I was keeping track of his words.  And then suddenly, there were too many, and we were adding to the list at such a rapid pace, that I gave up.  He has surprised us several times with things that he's able to say.  He knows the sounds of just about every farm animal, can name many body parts, and can ask for things he wants.  (Or at the very least, he has mastered "please" and will beg and point.)  And as it is clearly in his genes- his most clearly spoken word is "beer."  He points to J's glass each night and lets us know that he knows what's in it.  He also demonstrated last week that he is capable of repeating what he hears his parents say, as he very clearly said "DICK" from the backseat of the van after he heard me call a parking spot stealer this offensive term.  Oops.  Time to turn on the filter.
  • And finally, this awesome video.  Enjoy.      

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