Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To TOMS or Not To TOMS?

Believe it or not, occasionally something uber-trendy comes along, and I just cannot manage to get on board with it.  Try as I might, I just cannot make myself love the newest-coolest-hippest thing (Remember when everyone was wearing Crocs?  Well, I was not.).

For quite some time now, TOMS shoes have been all the rage.  "What?!" I hear you asking.  "A trendy shoe that you don't covet?"  Yes, this is shocking news, I know.  And not only did I not covet these shoes, I just didn't understand them at all!  They're canvas, and they're ugly!  They look like a poor man's slippers.  What is the appeal?

Well, these days, I may be finally coming around.  As I sometimes do.  (Remember when everyone started wearing skinny jeans?  Well, I thought they were too much of an 80's throwback, and I didn't buy any.  Now, however, I wear them all the time.)

What can I say, sometimes trends grow on me.

Are these cute?

What about these?

Only time will tell if these bad boys make it onto the Christmas list.


  1. My husband said that when you buy a paid, TOMS donates a pair to kids in need. I think they're cute.

  2. Being a bit of a hipster, I appreciate the canvas. Therefore, your sister votes yes for the TOMS. They are also very comfy.



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