Thursday, October 6, 2011


Since I am at a loss for words on this gorgeous day, here are a few crappy phone pics that I've been meaning to share.

We used to lay this nice blanket out on the floor for the nugget to play on.  You know, so he wouldn't be sitting directly on all of the dog hair.  The dogs found this blanket to be a delightful place to rest. 

The first boots of the season!  Fall is here!

Apparently, the boy now likes to suck his thumb.  And how cute is he as he does it?!?!

The trash men hate me.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but EVERY WEEK the trash and/or recycling bin is left not to the side of the driveway, but directly in front of where I park.  We are the only house in this vicinity with this problem.  I swear to you, every other garbage can on the street is left to the side of the driveways (and J agrees, so this is not just me being dramatic).  What have I done to offend??

One of my kindergarteners wore this shirt a few weeks back.  He's five years old, wearing a Hendrix shirt.  How cool is he? 

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