Monday, October 10, 2011

Magic Puffs

I've determined that no matter what is going on, no matter the sad baby face, no matter the situation, I have a magic trick to make my child happy.  It's the puffs.

We've tried the green puffs (collards, spinach, and kale), the red puffs (strawberry), the orange puffs (sweet potato), and the yellow puffs (banana).  The flavor matters not.  The boy loves him some puffs.
He's learned to recognize the container.  When he sees me pull it out of the pantry, his little feet kick, kick, kick.  Literal squeals of delight escape his mouth.  He is SO EXCITED about the puffs.

Turns out, this has not only made the nugget a happy boy, it's made me a happier mama.  Saturday, Aviator Tap House.  The parents want to sit on the patio and enjoy the beautiful afternoon while sipping a delicious beer.

THIS, folks, is why you need the big stroller.  There's a try for snacks.  Puffs.  YES!

Happy baby, happy mama.  Success.

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