Friday, October 21, 2011

Well That Didn't Last Long

Remember just yesterday, when I posted pictures of these cute little tootsies in their brand new shoes?

Well, yesterday, J took the day off and we went to the North Carolina State Fair.  Last year was our first time going, and if you remember correctly, I was pregnant, and so looking forward to using that as an excuse to eat every deep fried fair food in sight.  I did draw the line at the Krisy Kreme Burger, but I ate just about everything else.

This year, we thought it would be fun to go back and bring the nugget.

He chilled in his stroller the whole time, sleepily eyeing the sights and not making a peep.  We walked the grounds, ate, looked at some farm animals, ate, and tried to ride the merry-go-round, but stupid rules said no one under 3'6" allowed.  Boo.  Oh, yeah, and then we ate some more.

At some point I looked down on Gabe's little feet kicking, as they always do, and saw something missing.

Yep, the boy was only wearing one shoe.

Who knows when it was lost, but one thing is for sure...that shoe is gone forever.

Thankfully, they were the Wal-Mart variety, and not the baby New Balance that I really wanted to get him.  This month's baby shoe budget is all used up, but maybe next month...

Ah, the fair.

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