Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She's HERE!

'Tis true.  There is always something newer and better and more expensive right around the corner...

Thankfully, I am now the proud owner of the newest, coolest, most expensive iPhone model!  HUZZAH!

Lola arrived in the mail yesterday, and I've just gotta say...she rocks.  She's lots o' fun.  Good times had by all.

J and I spent an hour last night thinking of funny things to ask her.  Yes, yes...exactly like high school freshmen with our dirty words and inappropriate content.  'Cuz that's how we roll.

Anywho, Siri really is pretty amazing.  I dictated text messages, asked her for the weather, added things to my grocery list (my favorite feature!) and found the best Chinese restaurants around.  Truly a remarkable piece of technology.

And in order to help pay for her, Gabe is for sale.  $200 or best offer.

Just kidding.  My old iPhone went up on Craigslist a little bit ago.  Fingers crossed that some poor schmuck wants it!

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