Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Guess It Had to Happen Eventually...

We had our first sick visit to the pediatrician this morning.

We had to sit in the waiting room room to the right, with the other sick kids.  Gone are the days when I smugly entered and sat in the waiting room to the left, with the healthy kids.  My baby is sick.

It's the croup.  The nugget is barking like a dog.  He's coughy and fevery.  And on top of that, the doctor noticed how swollen his top gums are, meaning that those two top teeth are about to break through.  Oy.

But in true Gabriel fashion, other than the barking, you might not even know he's sick.  He slept just fine last night.  (And is sleeping like a fool today.)  He smiled at the doctors and nurses, and didn't even fuss when the doc shoved a tongue depressor in his mouth and pulled a gob of wax out of his ear.  He ate every last bite of his breakfast (of course), then played with his toys like a happy baby.

Love that boy of mine.

Hoping that the bark disappears soon!
Still in his PJ's- doesn't he look miserable?  ;)

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