Saturday, October 23, 2010

Inappropriate Things Kids Say

I'll just call this Volume 1, as this stuff is a recurring theme in my life.  We'll call this a new blog feature!

Student A, after trying to decipher a word in her book, looking at a picture similar to this:

 "Is he playing the retard?"  Apparently, she thought this child was playing a guitar.  And apparently, she believes that the words 'retard' (said with the inflection of Alan as he describes Rainman in "The Hangover") and 'guitar' are one and the same.

Later in the I walk down the hall with my multicultural group of students: Student B walks next to me, and the other two students in the group are walking behind us.  Student B calls out "Look!  Two whites (as he points to us) and two blacks (as he points to the other children)!"  I guess I should be thankful he didn't yell something even less politically correct.  Like 'coloreds'.

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