Thursday, October 21, 2010

How has it taken me so long?

To catch on to Etsy?

If you haven't visited this crafty site, you really should check it out.  I've heard lots about it, and my ginger friend Amanda is a frequent shopper there.  But until I recently, I hadn't given it the time of day.

Well, friends...I was wrong.  I've been missing out on all kinds of crafty goodness.

Check out these nursery finds:
Nautical banner from TaffieWishes' shop

Wall art from KZukowski's shop

Name blocks from auntjjsattic's shop- and no, we are not naming the baby William, so don't get excited.

And look at these fantastic choices in baby fashion!
"Cool Baby" from Stitch3D's shop
"Sporty Baby" from klzart's shop
"Funny Baby" from BullyDesignCo's shop

Really, I think I just might be in trouble with this new knowledge of Etsy.  I mean, who wouldn't want all this great stuff?  And it's handmade, not mass produced!  How wonderful is that?

Seriously, I'm in trouble.  But I just might have the cutest baby in the cutest nursery on the block.

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