Friday, October 1, 2010

The Name Game

What's in a name?

A lot of stress, that's what.

Naming a person is really hard.  It's not like naming your dog...this little person will have to grow up around other kids, who can be mean.  He'll have to grow into an adult, and introduce himself by the name we choose for him.  He'll have to live with this name, FOR LIFE.

No pressure, right?

Therefore, we've come to a decision.

No, not on a name.  But on how we will be proceeding with this whole baby name craze.

It turns out I am too hormonal to discuss potential baby names with anyone.  There have been several instances where I burst into either tears or fits of rage at a comment that someone made (with good intentions) about a name we may be thinking about.

There have also been times when we thought we were zeroing in on a name, only to have our opinions swayed by comments from others.  We're already having SERIOUS trouble agreeing on a name (as we have serious trouble agreeing on know, opposites attract?), so this just makes it harder!

SO, just be confident knowing this: the baby WILL have a name when he is born.  (I'm pretty sure they won't let us take him home from the hospital without one.)  J and I will LOVE it.  You may or may not.  And we'll be okay with that.

But don't keep your fingers crossed for any hints until then!

We love you, dear friends and family, and we know you'll love our nameless little man, no matter what we choose to name him.


  1. Awwww...Come on! I wanna know!
    That's ok! I will even love him if you name him Ward!!!!

  2. I also did not want to share our 'chosen' names. People are waaaaaay too opinionated. Is it really their right to have an opinion? We ended up going in the hospital with a handful of names (4 or 5 for each of our sons) and then we chose when we saw them. What we thought would be the name of our first born was definitely not fitting when we saw him, so we changed it to what he 'looked' like!! Good luck and my advise would be to politely tell inquisitive people that you have not decided, even if you have :)

  3. Soooo What are the chances you still have crib bedding and want to part with it. *licks chops*



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