Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 19: The Heirloom Tomato

Not to be confused with a Beefsteak, Roma, or Cherry tomato.  No, no...this week, baby is the size of an Heirloom tomato.  Just to be clear.

Sorry for my tardiness this week!  No good excuse- just didn't get to it yesterday!

Q: How are things with baby movement?
A: In a word?  Ah-mazing.  I can feel little man each and every day, several times a day.  He seems to be most active in the mornings, and also when I settle into bed in the evenings (of course- training me to not go to sleep when I feel ready to...getting me ready for the not too distant day when he's the boss of sleep!).  Every once in a while I'll get a kick that's SO hard that it literally takes my breath away momentarily.  It's a feeling that I just can't describe, although, at the same time, it's just what I imagined it would be.  I'm continuously getting "bumped" from the inside.  And I love it.

Q: Can J feel him yet?
A: J has felt him a couple of times, although it seems that anytime someone puts a hand over my belly, his movements immediately cease.  J is so cute when he tries, though.  He closes his eyes, and concentrates on what his hand is feeling.  It's as if he's willing the baby to move.  So far, he can barely feel the strongest of kicks and biggest of movements.  We're looking forward to this becoming easier for him in the next few weeks!

Q: How did everything look at this week's ultrasound?
A: Perfection.  Baby is growing right on schedule, and all of his parts and pieces are present and accounted for.  He's currently weighing in at 10 ounces.  Again, it was nothing short of magical to see my little guy on the screen, curled up peacefully at times, and doing a little bit of moving around at others.  Seeing his tiny heart beating away at its rapid pace (147 beats per minute, in case you were curious).  It still seems bizarre to me at times that I have a person growing inside of me.  An itty-bitty person.  But seeing him on the screen makes it so real.

Q: What's happening with baby this week?
A: Sensory development is the name of the game this week.  His brain is working hard to develop areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.  I guess this means I should start watching my language, since research suggests that baby can hear me now!  Actually, I'm pretty excited that he can hear me.  That just means that the sound of my voice will be familiar and comforting to him when he gets here.  And truth be told, I've been anxious to start reading to him.  Corny?  Maybe.  But hey, I'm a reading teacher.  Reading to kids is what I do!

In other news this week- the hair on his head is beginning to sprout- or not.  Depends on whose hair genes he got!  If he got mine, well, the hair on his head will probably start to sprout sometime around his third birthday.  If he got his daddy's?  Well, then get the shaver ready at birth, because he'll be born with a mullet and a 5 o'clock shadow.

Q: So where are all the pictures you promised us?
A: Well let's get to it, then, shall we?
Sleeping on his side, with his hand at his face.

Profile shot.

Self-explanatory, and my favorite picture!

And here is a (completely unflattering iPhone) picture showing what my 19 week belly looks like...I gotta say, it's weird having another part of my body stick out further than my boobs.


  1. Thanks for the updated pic! I am glad to see you grow...even if it is from afar!!
    Love you!!

  2. Love it, love it, love it! It is great to hear how well the little buddy is growing and kicking! Will and I stopped by today to see that growing belly and chat for awhile. You can imagine the scene that followed when Will realized that your weren't there. Yes, we made quite a scene. Between me trying to coax/bribe Will back into the wagon and his shrill cries of "Where's Uncle Jason?!", your neighbors really got a show. Moral of the story? Call first!
    Miss you!:)



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