Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

There are a lot of advantages to teaching in the setting that I teach in.  Small groups.  4-6 kids at a time means a lot of individualized attention can be given, and a lot of learning can take place.

However, with only 4-6 kids at a time, it's a little easier to get off track.  We're just a little family, and it's easy to chat with your family, right?  (Okay, well, it's easy for some families to chat.)

Today, we got a little off track, and things quickly went south.

What exactly does one say to a 6 year old when they ask how babies are born?

Well, I took the easy way out, and told them that I'll go to the hospital and the doctors will help me get the baby out.  This usually works with the little ones.  Their curiosities are satisfied.  Moving on.

WELL, not with this group.  This is what I get for teaching kids to think deeper, ask questions, and always look for more details.

"HOW do the doctors get the baby out?"  Before I even had a chance to think of a good answer for that one, the other kids started chiming in.

"The doctor cuts the mommy open and takes the baby out!" A says.
"The babies are bloody when they come out," M says. personal favorite..."NO, guys, that mommy pushes the baby out her bottom!" says B.  As she uses her hand to gesture/mime/demonstrate a baby coming out of her butt.

Then, five pairs of eyes look to me for confirmation.

I responded as thoughtfully and honestly as I knew how.

"SO, who can tell me what sound 'ch' makes?"

Moving on.

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