Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 21: The Carrot

Yes, baby is as long as a carrot this week.  He's a'growin'!
Tardy again- my apologies.  I had one of those killer pregnancy-hormone-induced headaches yesterday (and into today) that just wouldn't quit!  These are MUCH harder to deal with when you're not allowed to take anything to alleviate the pain!  Oh, yeah, except for Tylenol.  Well this is what I have to say about that: Tylenol-Schmylenol.  Not really a big help.

But oh, well!  On with the update!

Only there's not a whole lot to update this week!  AND I have failed to provide you with an updated belly pic (being that I was laid out all day, and most definitely not looking up to par for picture taking!).
But here are the quick stats, for posterity's sake:
  • Baby- still kicking.  A LOT.
  • J- still not really feeling him too much.  Frustration is mounting.
  • Belly- still growing.
  • Weight gain- Negative 5-6 pounds (still fluctuating).
  • Waddling- I fear it's starting, but only if I'm really tired.  I try to walk 2 miles on the days I don't have yoga.  By about mile 1 1/2, the waddling creeps in.  I'm trying really hard to resist.
  • Back pain- yep, I've gots it.  We even switched out my fluffy pillow-top mattress for one that's a little firmer.  Sad day for my psyche.  Happy day for my back.
  • Pregnancy "glow"- thankfully, my skin has cleared up since the first trimester, during which my face looked strikingly similar to a pepperoni pizza.  But that "glow"?  I think it's sweat.  The mid 80's can move on outta here any day.  It's OCTOBER.
  • Baby name- no progress to report.
I think that about covers it!  I promise to be back on my A game with a better update next week!  Hugs to all!

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