Monday, January 31, 2011

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 36: The Crenshaw Melon

Okay, I am SO over the mysterious produce.  Let's just say that the baby is the size of a small bowling ball and leave it at that, shall we?
Current Stats:
Weight: -2 lbs
Waist: +10 inches
Baby Appointments: Only 3 more to go...and I'm sincerely hoping I don't make it that long!
Days until Due Date: 22

Not a lot to report this week.  I am big.  I am uncomfortable and constantly aching.  I am not sleeping.  BUT, I am not swollen.  The doctor told me today that I will officially weigh less after delivery than I did at the start of my pregnancy (a pregnancy miracle!).  And Gabe is still head down and just a little guy.  Bonus.

Today marked the first of the weekly appointments.  From this point on, they want to see me all the time, just to make sure that everything goes smoothly these last few weeks, and to monitor any progress toward labor.  (For those of you wondering, as of today, that progress would be zilch.  Sigh.)  

In other exciting news, I packed the diaper bag yesterday.  You wouldn't believe the enjoyment I felt at gathering the necessities that  I will need when out and about with baby!  I figure I will just bring this to the hospital when d-day finally arrives, so I packed his little going home outfit- well, several options, really, as we're not sure of his size and what the weather may be like the day he decides to come- along with a couple of receiving blankets, some diapers and wipes, pacifiers, and a  little brush for his hair.  I know aside from the clothes, the hospital has all of these things, so we won't really need to dip into our personal stash.  But it was still fun to gather all of these things together, and place them in my ultra chic Kate Spade diaper bag!!

And speaking of the hospital- we had our tour this week.  This hospital kinda rocks.  I'd expect to find jacuzzi tubs and flat screen televisions in a hotel, not in the room where I'm birthing my baby!  But these are just the types of amenities that will be offered to me.  Score! 

And this is what 36 weeks pregnant looks like.  Large and in charge.  (And I believe Delilah is standing next to me, hoping that I am there to open the pantry for her enjoyment.  Either that, or she is still utterly concerned for my well being, as I had just barfed profusely prior to the taking of this picture.)

Until next week!

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