Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Friends, I think I have reached the point where I am officially embarrassed to be working for my current employer.

It was one thing to make national news headlines at the election of our new school board majority.  They came in with big ideas about student assignment- but in all fairness, this was the platform on which they ran.  And I found it somewhat refreshing to see politicians getting right to work to keep the promises that they had made to those who had elected them.

But then the uproar began.  People speaking out everywhere you turn against the ideas of this new board.  The public begging the new majority to slow down and really look at how their actions will affect the school system.  The NAACP threatening legal action at the prospect of resegregation in our county.

Next thing you know, the Washington Post publishes a "Letter to the Editor" from the U.S. Secretary of Education, in which he speaks out against the undoing of the WCPSS diversity policy.  Doesn't get much higher up than that.

Beyond embarrassing.

AND NOW, it's come to this...public ridicule from Stephen Colbert, himself. 

This is big, friends.  This is "The Word".

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The Word - Disintegration
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I must say that this is the proudest I have ever been to have done my research and voted, even in the tiny run-off school board election.  And I'm beyond proud to say that I voted for the other candidate.

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