Sunday, January 9, 2011

From the Peanut Gallery- SPECIAL EDITION: The Nursery

I know that I'm only a day away from Monday, when I normally post my updates.  But this was just too exciting to sit on for even one more day.


My mom arrived on Wednesday night, and worked tirelessly all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to help bring my vision to life.  J's mom drove into town on Saturday to help out, as well.  (Isn't Gabe a lucky boy to have his grandmas put so much love into his little room?)

I'll keep the words short and sweet, because I am HEAVY on the pictures.  But basically, I am in love with this room.  As a matter of fact, I have hardly left it since it's been completed.  Sitting in the glider and admiring this sweet space, all the while envisioning my baby being here in a few short weeks, is now officially my favorite past time.


Remember a few short weeks ago when the room looked like this??

Then my friend Amanda and I painted the bottom half of the walls white, to help my mom get a head start on the huge transformation ahead!

Now we start to paint the top half of the walls light blue.

Supplies are ready, and light blue is coming along!

I go to work one morning, and come home to find the chair rail up!  Just needs finishing.
Grandma, the happy, handy helper.  Seriously- she's really handy.

Uncle Scott (and Delilah) helping to tape the wall for stripes.

BOTH Grandmas hard at work!

Stripes are done!

Room's still pretty empty, but Daddy is hard at work assembling many pieces of furniture!

And we have a crib!

and a glider...

and a dresser... (which is full of washed, folded clothes now, by the way)

and a bookshelf...

AND a changing table!

Still really loving these tiny shoes.

Pictures are hung! 

The dogs aren't quite sure what to think.

Grandma Clark knit this little sweater.  So sweet!

Of course, I had to get Gabe a personalized clock.

All in all, this is one happy mama.  I simply can't wait for Gabe to get here and call this space his own!  Until then, I will be here, happily gliding away.


  1. Still in the glider? Love the room!! Can't believe the transformation in one short week! Your mom is awesome!!
    Love you! Mimi

  2. The nursery looks amazing!! :)

  3. I am part of the baby center board... Your nursery looks amazing! Great job! =)

  4. Also part of the baby center board. It's GORGEOUS!! I love it!! OUr nursery has only one thing in it right now...the glider. We still have yet to get the crib in there.

  5. I love the theme! You all did this in just a week?! It looks amazing! I love to sit in my boys' room and picture them in there. I have fallen asleep many a night just thinking of them!
    -cearaspear of BBC

  6. From babycenter,

    Wow! Your nursery looks amazing! What a lucky little boy he is! :) Thanks for sharing.



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