Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 32: The Jicama

Jicama, huh?  You know, I occasionally like to take a gander at these fruits and veggies in the grocery store.  Not sure if I'll find a jicama on the shelves at the Teeter.
Week 32.  Also known as the week I've decided I'm ready to be done being pregnant.  As in, get this baby outta me.  I know I still have a few weeks until we can safely do that, and I will most certainly take one for the team and let him cook in there a little longer.  However, the countdown is ON.  And I'm not gonna lie...I'm really hoping this guy wants to come early.  As in 37 weeks (which is officially considered full term).

And just a little tidbit to make you go WHOA...that happens to be only 28 days from today.

Week 32 was also the week that I lost any and all remaining grace that I may have had left.  Aside from feeling like (and moving like) a whale, I've also become excessively clumsy.  During a trip to Target, the cart literally had to be taken away from me, as I continuously ran it into anything in my path.  Come to think about it, the shelves and items may not have even been in my path, but they were getting rammed into, anyway.

Although I may not be thrilled about the clumsies, I'm sure that my pooches are beyond excited.  Daphne and Delilah have learned to stay at my feet in the kitchen, as I am sure to drop food, and maybe some more food, and perhaps a little bit more food on the floor as I prepare meals.

Major accomplishment of the week?  I hosted (and stayed awake for) our annual New Year's Eve party.  THANK THE LORD for our visitor (whom I am blaming my tardy post on :) ) Mimi, otherwise I'm not sure I would have made it!!  She was a HUGE help getting the house together and preparing all the food.  And a good time was had by all!  Unfortunately, I could not partake in the Jell-O shots this year, but I'll be back in fighting form to ring in 2012!

And after the ball dropped, J reminded me that it was officially January.  Which means that now when people ask me when I'm due, I can simply reply "next month!"

I know I've been slacking on the fetus updates, but the truth is, he ain't doin' much.  Just getting bigger and fatter (at this point, he's probably in the neighborhood of 4 pounds), and finishing up that final lung development.  I'm guessing by the frequency of his hiccups (at least twice a day) that Gabe is doing a fine job of expanding and contracting those lungs in preparation for the real breathing!

Also, go ahead and call me a liar.  I know that I promised more pictures of progress in the nursery, but I have none.  There was some minuscule progress made- see last week's pics, and imagine white below the painter's tape.  But this week, the real work begins.  My mom arrives tomorrow to help me finish up!  I will take pics as we go, and next week, you can look forward to seeing the finished product!

First "Labor and Birth Education" class at the hospital tonight!  J and I are hoping to be able to keep it together without too many giggles.

AND, the belly pic of the week.  Happy New Year everyone!

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