Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 31: The FOUR Oranges

Sorry I'm late this week!  I let the holidays and the 8 INCHES of snowfall get the best of me!

J and I were at the grocery store yesterday, and I stopped to really look at the size of some of this produce.  I'm here to tell ya', little man is not so little anymore!
And speaking of not being so little...

Big news of the week: this week's baby appointment brought with it some questions about Gabe's size.  At each appointment (beginning at around 20 weeks or so), the doctors measure my "fundal height."  For you non-medical personnel, this is basically a measurement of how big my uterus has gotten.  It's pretty nifty, actually.  The number of centimeters should correspond to the number of weeks pregnant I am.  So at this 31 week appointment, my uterus should have been about 31 centimeters tall.  Well, my uterus hit 33 centimeters this week.  At 28 weeks, it was 30 centimeters, and at 25 weeks, it was 28 centimeters...are you seeing the trend?

Well, maybe Gabe will be a tall boy, some of you may be thinking.  And in answer to that- J is 5'8" and I am 5'3".  A tall son?  Me thinks not.

SO, chances aren't bad that our little man is NOT a good listener, and will not stop growing at 7 lbs as I have repeatedly requested.  BUT, we don't know this for sure.  I could just have an excess amount of amniotic fluid, for one reason or another.  And I suppose there could be other reasons why my uterus is expanding at a faster-than-normal rate.

In any case, we will be having another ultrasound soon (most likely at 35 weeks) to take a look in there and see what is causing this growth.  And I'm not gonna lie- I'm pretty excited that we get to take another peek this late in the game.  Especially since J and I decided to forgo the 3-D ultrasound that is all the rage these days, as we find the images to be...how do I put this delicately?...creepy.

I'm really not too alarmed about this.  Little man is kick, kick, kicking away, his heart rate is wonderful, my blood pressure is fantastic, my weight gain is still non-existent (yay!), and every other aspect of pregnancy is right on the money.  And there are several completely reasonable and non-scary reasons why I could be measuring ahead.  So don't fret, readers!

Truthfully, I've been feeling for a little while now that little man is going to be big, and he's going to be a little early.  This just further adds to my suspicions.  But hey, I also thought I was definitely having a girl, so what the hell do I know?  I suppose only time will tell...and by time, I mean the mere 56 DAYS UNTIL D-DAY!  AAAHHHH!

Aside from the update, I have some images to share this week!  A few pictures of the disaster of a nursery in progress, and a few of my recent favorite baby things.  Enjoy! 

The dogs are distressed, as we have taken out the bed, and piled copious amounts of baby stuff into the middle of the room, so we can get to the walls to paint!

Tape is in place for painting, step one.  The area below the tape will be white with navy blue stripes.  There will be a chair rail installed at the tape line.  More pics next week!
How cute is this outfit?  I'm only sad that he'll have to wait a year to fit into it!

Yes, that's his little monogram.  Thanks, Blaire!

My first extravagant, non-necessary baby purchase.  But c'mon.  Gabe HAD to have these!

I mean, they're itty-bitty Chuck Taylors!  For cool babies.

And, the belly shot of the week.  I sure am feeling big these days!

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