Monday, December 6, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 28: The Chinese Cabbage

Don't ask me the difference between a Chinese cabbage and a regular old cabbage, because I don't know.  But I'm guessing the Chinese variety tastes great in spring rolls.
This was also the week of the baby shower!  And I must gush about it.

Several months ago, my good friend Cecie told me that her mother-in-law, whom I've always just adored, wanted to throw me a baby shower.  I did not hesitate for one second, but merely said "YES!"

Dorien and Cecie put together the most wonderful night for me.  I felt so special and loved, and the only word that kept coming to me was 'overwhelmed.'  I was overwhelmed by the love that I already felt everywhere for my little guy, with the generosity of my dear friends, and of course, overwhelmed by my pregnant emotions!  There were definitely a few happy tears shed this beautiful night.

I could go on and on about how perfect and beautiful and special this night was for me, but instead, I will share some pictures.

ALSO, J and I decided we are ready to share little man's name with the world, after sharing with our families, and then friends at the shower.  We can't WAIT to meet Gabriel Clark Anderson!

Beautiful china for our delicious dinner.

Desert- my favorite!  So delicious.

The MOST precious diaper cake ever!  Made with love by J's mom, Grandma Terri!

Our first gift of the day came in a giant box, so we got to open it early at home.  THANKS, Grandma Terri!  Now we can officially have a baby- we have a car seat to bring Gabe home in!

The rest of the many, MANY gifts we were showered with!  We are so grateful for such generosity.

Cutie stripes!

Nothing is cuter than overalls.

Some guests, and the lady behind the camera, Dorien- the hostess with the mostest!

Whose baby wears Ralph Lauren?  MY baby, of course!  By the way, this gift was chosen by my father, who also enjoys the Polo ponies.  Like father, like daughter!

GO BUCKS!  This will fit Gabe just in time for football season.

Grandma Terri and Aunt Amanda, who drove in from New Bern and spoiled us rotten!

Opening the famous hand-knit baby booties from Amanda.  I couldn't wait for these!  They are BEYOND cute.

More of my besties- including Cecie, the other hostess with the mostest, diligently recording all of my gifts for me, so I can stay on top of the 'Thank You' notes!

The rest of the guests.  I was so happy that so many people I love were able to make it- even though it SNOWED all afternoon!  Yes, in North Carolina!

And here's the belly shot of the week!

J, Gabe and I are so thankful for all of this l.o.v.e.  We couldn't possibly thank you all enough!

On a very quick non-shower related note, since I promised an update this week- I PASSED MY DIABETES TEST!  So I will continue to eat Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes at will.  YAY!

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  1. If you notice from the picture, a Chinese cabbage is taller than a regular round cabbage.




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