Monday, November 29, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 27: The Cauliflower

HELLO, third trimester!  Yes, you read that right- third trimester.  Can you even believe how fast time is flying?

(Oh, and by the way- before anyone argues this point with me...every doctor, book, and website has a different idea about which week marks which trimester.  Well, I figured this the completely logical way.  Take 40 weeks, and divide by three.  First trimester ends at 13 1/3 weeks, 2nd trimester ends at 26 2/3 weeks, and third trimester ends at 40 weeks- or whenever baby decides to make his appearance.)

This week was a pregnant lady's dream come true.  Thanksgiving in stretchy-waisted pants.  Who isn't jealous of that?  Not only did I have the excuse that I'm eating for two, but I got to do it in pants that are meant to expand!  Good stuff.  (I was, however, seated at the side of the table meant for the "big people."  But it's okay- I guess I do take up more room now than I did on Thanksgivings past.)

HOWEVER, this may have been my last hurrah, and I treated it as such.  Turns out I didn't so much pass my gestational diabetes screening last week.  I did not receive the kiss of death official diagnosis yet, but I have to go back in this week for a more precise (i.e. longer and more painful) test.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me on Thursday, because mama loves some carbs, and I don't wanna have to give them up!

And speaking of eating- this week may have been the last week that I can sit in a booth when at a restaurant.  The belly buts right up to the table now, and without the ability to back my chair up, I have to hold still or move gingerly!  Will update on booth usage as pregnancy progresses.

I have heard rumor that morning sickness returns for some during the third trimester.  I have high hopes that this will not happen to me.  It's not looking good.  In preparation for our long drive home from Ohio, I attempted to make some sandwiches with that leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  Smells = bad...again.  I had to make a run for it to avoid tossing my cookies in the kitchen.  Luckily I made it to the bathroom in time.  And luckily I have a nice mom who finished making the sandwiches for me!  I sincerely hope this was some weird, random fluke.

This week, little man has just about reached the two pound mark!  Amazing how it took so long to reach a pound, and now he just puts on weight like nobody's business.  Baby should now be sleeping and waking at regular intervals (although I find this hard to believe, as he seems to always be awake) and opening and closing his eyes.  He may even suck his fingers or thumb at this point- how cute!  I also read that he may begin getting the hiccups now.  As much as having the hiccups sucks, I secretly can't wait to feel this happening.  There I go, being mean mommy again. 

And finally, here's what 27 weeks pregnant looks like!  More next week!

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  1. I think the morning sickness in the third trimester is true. The last week, I've been getting nauseous randomly. Sweet deal huh? lol.

    Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! I love stretchy pants :)



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