Monday, November 8, 2010

From the Peanut Galery- Week 24: The Ear of Corn

Baby is as big as an ear of corn!  I love corn, and I love the baby!  What a coincidence!
Q: How are you getting around?
A: With increasing difficulty!  It's so bizarre losing all use of my abdominal muscles.  Now I certainly did not have rock hard abs of steel to begin with.  However, I think people have absolutely NO IDEA how much we rely on these core muscles on a daily basis!  I sure didn't, until I lost the ability to use them.  Sitting up from a lying position is nearly impossible.  As funny as I'm sure it looks while I'm doing it, I just find it much easier to roll out of bed, rather than sit up before putting my feet on the ground.  J is a good hubby...he doesn't laugh at this (too much).

Q: Still avoiding the "Parking for Expectant Mothers?"
A: YES!  Even with the increasingly present waddle.  However, at one visit to the grocery store this week, the cashier and bagger straight up REFUSED to let me load the groceries into my trunk by myself.  The bagger escorted me to my car and handled it.

Q: Have you made any baby purchases?
A: Finally, a yes!  All of his bedding came in this week, and it's just adorable.  I also made my first official diaper purchase.  What can I say, I like a good deal!  Pampers Swaddlers and wipes were on sale this week, AND I had a coupon, AND it was SUPER DOUBLE COUPON WEEK!  So basically, it was a steal that I simply couldn't pass up.  P.S.- I think it was the diaper purchase that pushed the grocers over the edge.  As much as I tried to tell them that I could handle my own grocery loading, there was no convincing them.

Q: And the movement?
A: Bigger and stronger by the day.  I can't tell you how much time I've spent just staring at my stomach this week, watching for it to JUMP. I also experienced for the first time movement in two different places at one time.  I guess I was getting kicked in one spot and punched in another.  I'm telling ya', this baby thinks he's a ninja.  I'm constantly reminded of that SNL skit with Molly know, the one where she's 50?  Fifty years old?  This guy also likes to kick, stretch, and kick...but he's more fetus than fifty.

Q: Gaining weight yet?
A: Nope.  And I'm still finding it to be awesome.  No worries here.

Q: What's new with the babe?
A: His taste buds are developing more and more.  By this point, he should be able to "taste" the foods that I eat.  And by taste I mean that the "flavor" of the amniotic fluid may change slightly depending on my diet.  Gross.  Also, his little lungs are developing branches of the proverbial respiratory tree.  Keep up that lung development, baby!  He's also busy plumping up.  He'll be doing a lot of that from here on out!  (I'm just hoping the plumping stops at somewhere around 7 lbs as opposed to 10.  Mommy would appreciate it- K?-thanks.)

And since I was told it was unacceptable that I didn't include a picture last week, here ya' go.  Me in all my end-of-week-24 glory!

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