Monday, December 13, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 29: The Butternut Squash

I can't look at this picture without imagining Gabe in this makes me giggle.
Current Stats:
Weight: -3 lbs
Waist: +8 inches
Baby Appointments: Ramping up these days!  The want to see me all. the. time.  Seven (or so) appointments left.  Yes, 7 appointments in 11 weeks.
Days Until Due Date: 71

Q: How are you feeling about the weight gain these days?
A: One word- LUCKY.  However, I am getting to the point in my pregnancy where the weight has to start piling on.  I mean, it just has to.  And I am surprisingly not excited about it in the slightest.  I've made it SO FAR without gaining any pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight.  I think I just about had myself convinced that I might actually make it through the entire 40 weeks without gaining an ounce.  Now that we're nearing the end, baby gains approximately a pound every two weeks.  Some of that HAS to reflect in my weight, too, right?  I am mentally preparing myself for that.

Q: How are things in the aches and pains department?
A: Well, this week I threw out my back- and I mean threw out my back- doing absolutely nothing.  I didn't lift anything heavy, I didn't overdo it (or do it at all, as the case may be) on the exercise- I just suddenly lost the ability to move without excruciating pain.  A quick visit to the doctor, two days of laying without moving, and some (mostly) baby-safe narcotics later, I am back to my new normal.  New normal being that my back hurts a lot, but not to the point of immobility.  More to the point of annoyance.

More bothersome than my back are my stomach, which feels like I have an incessantly pulled muscle (they call this round ligament pain), and my hips, which are starting to feel dislocated (due to the spreading out to make room for baby).  Nothing too intolerable by any means, but by the end of the day, my body is tired from carrying around baby.  And although there is no "extra" weight to carry, the weight is not so evenly distributed!  All out in front makes for a tired body.

Q: What's the baby movement like these days?
A: Complete craziness.  We've become more interested in watching Gabe's movements than feeling them.  J once said it looked like a demon was trying to escape, but I didn't like the image that left in my head!  I prefer alien.  In any case, during his most active times (i.e. when I have laid down to go to bed for the night) it certainly appears as if baby is trying to get OUT.  You can see rolls, jabs, jumps, and squirms.  It's bizarre, and amazing, and hard to take even my own eyes off of.

Q: How are the baby preparations coming?
A: Slowly.  But the pace is picking up!  After my wonderful shower, I was ready to start making Gabe's room the baby room instead of the guest room.  So it was OUT with the bed!  We received the changing table as a shower gift (THANK YOU, Nancy!), so we went ahead and set it up.  I've been piling all other baby paraphernalia into the room, as well.  Right now, it looks a little...shall I say...disheveled.  But not for long!  Painting, phase one, begins next week.  Then my mom arrives after Christmas (and with her, the crib!) to finish painting and setting up.  I will take photos as we go, and promise to share the end results!

The one thing that IS ready is the cradle.  This cradle has been in my family for a L.O.N.G. time.  It was built in 1841, and has been passed down and around all these years.  I spent some time cleaning and polishing the wood, ordered a new mattress and bedding, and now we officially have a place for baby to sleep those first few months. 
Isn't it beautiful?

And for the belly shot- I spent all weekend baking Christmas cookies- as the pregnant Mrs. Claus!

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