Monday, December 20, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 30: The Head of Lettuce

HOLY COW!  Week 30?  Out of 40?  That puts us at the three-quarters mark, people!  As in, 75% complete!  A mere ten weeks until d-day.  Whoa.

This week, baby weighs in at around three pounds.  About the same weight as a large head of lettuce.
I was just thinking back to this picture, and how I was so excited to finally be able to see the entire quarter next to the produce.  Seems like so long ago now!
This week, I present the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We'll start with the good!  Little Gabe got the hiccups this week.  I have been waiting and waiting to feel these.  I often wondered if it was happening, and I just wasn't recognizing it.  But I kept hearing "You'll know it when you feel it!"  Turns out, true.  Not only could I feel them, but we could see my belly move with each hiccup.  J and I were in bed, getting ready to turn in for the night (you know, the time of day when baby is crazy active, every day, without fail), so I wasn't surprised at all of the activity going on in there.  But I suddenly realized that this movement was very rhythmic, and wasn't coming and going in spurts.  So I laid there and watched.  After a minute, I told J that I was pretty sure these were hiccups.  He started watching too, and wholeheartedly agreed that it couldn't possibly be anything else.  It was definitely cool.  And definitely went on for a L.O.N.G. time.  Poor guy.  J felt bad for him that he couldn't seem to stop.  We're hoping he didn't inherit his daddy's horrific hiccuping.  (But if he did, rest assured- J will teach him the ninja breathing trick to get rid of them.  You know, once he's here and can actually breathe and everything.) 

Onto the bad: This was the week when I said goodbye to sleeping soundly and comfortably.  I toss, and I turn, and I toss and I turn some more, desperately trying to find a position that is comfortable.  I lay on my side, and for a brief moment, I think "Ahhh...this is comfortable."  But ten seconds later, I realize that it's not.  So I flip onto my back, and I think "Ahhh...this is comfortable."  Ten more seconds pass, and I realize that alas, it is no longer comfy.  This goes on for quite some time before I finally reach such a state of exhaustion that I pass out in whatever weird position my body is in at the time.  But after a (usually short) time, I am awake, again struggling to put my body into some contortion that doesn't make me feel hurty.  (Yes, I realize that hurty is not a word, however, I made it up and am using it, as I feel that it accurately describes my predicament.  I'm just all...hurty.)  The cycle continues all.night.long., until J comes in to wake me up, and I feel like crying because I feel as though I must have only gotten five minutes of sleep.  Yes, I suppose this is my body's way of helping to prepare me for the sleepless nights ahead!

And now for the ugly: Nausea and morning sickness are officially back.  Those ugly words speak for themselves.
30 weeks!

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