Monday, January 10, 2011

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 33: The Pineapple

Pineapples make me think of Jamaica...Jamaica makes me happy...ergo, I'm a happy mama this week!
I hope you all caught yesterday's "Special Edition."  In case you missed it, definitely go back and check it out, because THE NURSERY IS FINISHED!

In other baby news:

Q: How was this week's baby appointment?
A: Great!  Everything still looks pretty perfect, with the exception of that whole fundal height debacle.  This week, I measured 36 centimeters.  Yep, three weeks ahead.  My next appointment is next Monday morning.  This appointment will include an ultrasound, so we can check out Mr. Man's growth and make sure there's no weird and crazy reason for my larger-than-average uterus.  Can't wait to get another peek!  And if you all are lucky, next week's update will include the boy's most recent pictures!

Q: Have you finally made it back up to your pre-pregnancy weight?
A: Nope.  Still two pounds shy.  Which is extra amazing, since I feel like there's been a recent growth spurt.  I looked down at my belly yesterday and thought that it was suddenly GINORMOUS.  But hey, apparently I'm the size of a 36 weeker (probably 37 by now), so it's no wonder I look big.

Q: Are you getting nervous about the impending birth?
A: Yes.  I am starting to get a little scared about that whole pushing-a-human-being-out-of-me thing.  But I am trying to keep an open mind going into the experience.  I keep telling myself that my body was designed to do this, and that millions of women have come before me, and that I, too, will survive.  There are moments when I feel truly calm and at peace with this thinking- then there are moments when I fear that Gabe will be a ten pounder and I get a little panicked. 

Q: Are you planning on drugs during delivery?
A: The answer is, I'm not sure.  Again with the whole open mind thing.  My official plan is to hold out for as long as I think I can before asking for the good stuff.  But if the moment arrives where I feel like an epidural is necessary, then I'll ask for one without feeling any shame.  Hey, there are no medals given out for natural childbirth.

Q: How is Childbirth Education going?
A: Well, our first class was last week (this week's has already been canceled due to the threat of inclement weather).  I have to say, it was pretty much what I expected.  J and I definitely giggled several times, but our instructor, Mary Sunshine, didn't seem to mind.  Seriously, this lady is all rainbows and unicorns.  I told J that if I learned one thing from that class, it was that I definitely do not want a doula present when I give birth.  To each his own, but I really just want J there to support me.  Plus, the uber-positivity of this woman isn't calming to me, it's laughable.  I'm not really sure what that says about me as a person!!

In all seriousness, even though I'm extremely well-read and well-informed about pregnancy and childbirth, I did get a few things from this class.  And I expect each of the next four sessions to be about the same.  If nothing else, these classes are a rite of passage for new parents, and they are exciting because they bring us one step closer to meeting baby.

One final nursery image for the week: these blocks didn't arrive until today, so I couldn't include them in yesterday's nursery post!

And, of course, the weekly belly shot.  Me in my glider, hanging out in my new favorite room!

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