Friday, April 9, 2010


For any of you who love dogs, or babies, or dogs AND babies, this video is a must-watch.

Could this be any cuter??

I find myself wondering what our dogs will behave like when we get around to having kids.  Sure, they've been around kids before-

Will, their favorite neighborhood baby, learned pretty quickly to shove them out of his face as they incessantly licked him.  Licking is their favorite.

I babysat my friend's baby Cate once, and Delilah raced around the house in circles every time she cried.

Friendly neighbors walk by with their baby strollers all the time...the dogs bark as if we're under attack.

But maybe all of this practice has been good!  Maybe once we have our own baby, Daphne and Delilah will ignore it.  It'll be old news.  They won't lick (and lick and lick and lick) or bark like idiots or run around in maniacal circles.  Maybe they'll gently howl the baby to sleep...

Yep, we're screwed.

1 comment:

  1. That is a haunting sound, yet so cool!! I pray that at least one of your dogs is a good pseudo mommy. My bet is on Delilah.




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