Friday, April 16, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I'm debuting a new feature on the blog today.  It's called "Feel Good Friday," and it's just a little bit of positivity before heading into the weekend! 

This week's "Feel Good" (besides the pretty new look of the blog!):

We are SO lucky to have some of our best friends living in the neighborhood (one reason why I bought this house)!  Ali and Mark and their cutie son Will dropped by this week for one of our "neighborly visits."  It was a random Tuesday night, and so nice to sit around and have a drink and visit for awhile.

Will, who is a 2-year-old on the shy side, has a serious love for Jason.  It is beyond adorable to see the two of them together.  Will inevitably climbs up onto the couch next to J and hands him a book, then looks up at him, ready to listen to the story.  If Will chooses to wander around the house, he stops every few minutes to look at Jason, just to see if he's still there, and more importantly, if his attention is focused on Will (it almost always is).

But this visit, something else caught Will's attention.  Usually our neighborly visits happen at the V's house, since we usually visit well past Will's bedtime.  But this week, they stopped at our house.  Of course, in the beginning, the dogs chased Will everywhere (see last week's post).  Will, who has just recently found his voice, ran around saying "No, Daph!  No way!"  It was way. too. cute.

But once the dogs calmed down a little bit, we needed something to keep Will entertained, since we are lacking in the toy department.  So we decided to turn on a movie for him.

I think our super-big TV up on the wall must have felt to Will like being in a movie theatre.  As soon as we turned it on- instantly mesmerized.

Then we handed him the remote (one of his favorite things- typical boy), and he settled down on the couch, kicked back, and relaxed in front of "The Incredibles."

I mean really, could he be any cuter?

So thank you, V family, for a great neighborly visit with the two of you and your awesome kid!  GREAT inspiration for my first "Feel Good Friday"!

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  1. Too funny! Our neighborly visits are highlights of our week and we are secretly hoping you can't afford to build your new house for quite sometime (sorry ;)

    Oh, and I wish I was as technologically advanced as you two so I could just grab my phone, take a pic of Will, check my email, google the many questions we come up with during our conversations, change the channel on my mega TV while also ordering pizza! You guys are brilliant!



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