Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The DMV is a miserable place.

Why is the DMV such a miserable place?  And why are the people who work there so hateful??

I recently got my vehicle registration renewal in the mail.  I noticed that it still has my maiden name on it (silly me, thinking that providing umpteen documents proving my marriage and changing my name on my driver's license would automatically change my name on all DMV related documents...I mean, that would just be too easy, right?).    

Well, I've jumped through this name-change hoop many times now, and everyone wants some different combination of documents to prove my new name; maybe a marriage license and a social security card, maybe a driver's license and a marriage certificate, maybe my birth certificate, blood and urine sample, and promise of handing over my first born child...

So I smartly called the DMV before heading into the office to wait in the never-ending line.  Meredith, the woman on the phone, told me (in between annoyingly laughing and chatting with her co-workers) that I'd need to fill out a form V-something-or-another to request a duplicate title, and that would change the name on my vehicle registration, as well.  Because I've done this one or two (hundred) times before, I asked what kind of documentation I should bring with me.  She said I'd need my marriage certificate and my driver's license.


I packed up my things and headed to my local office.  (Which is 30 minutes away, mind you.)

When I got there, I was dismayed to see a line longer than the Nile.  But I knew I had my documentation ready, and in-hand, so when it was finally my turn, at least I'd be ready, and wouldn't be fumbling around trying to find this or that like so many others in line ahead of me.

So I waited...and waited...and waited.  (All the while, an unpleasant man in black jeans and a Nascar hat was seriously encroaching on my personal space...ick.)  After about 30 minutes, when it was finally my turn, I stated my purpose and prepared to hand over my documentation.

"Do you have the title?"

"No, ma'am.  I called ahead and this is what they told me to bring."

"What number did you call?" 

"This number right here on the registration renewal form...see where it says to call here with questions?"  I say, pointing to the number printed in bold red on the envelope.

"Well I can't do anything without the title.  And I don't even need your marriage certificate.  Just the title and your driver's license," she says.  Mockingly, I might add.


She sent me away, told me to get my vehicle inspected so I can process my renewal, and to come back after all of that was done.  And don't forget the title!

So I left the DMV, feeling just as hateful as the bitch behind the counter.

And to make my afternoon even more fun?  I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE TITLE IS!!  You'd think I would have put that in a safe place, right?  But me with the filing?  Not so much.

So the search for the title is on.  So I can GO BACK to the DMV and start the fun all over again...



  1. You need to take that to the Quay! haha I sat in there for so long to get my license renewed that I thought I might still be there for my next renewal!


  2. Are you changing your name on your title too? I went through all kinds of drama with my registration this weekend (expired, oops) and realized that I hadn't gotten around to changing my name on my title. I'm trying to decide how much I actually care about that!

  3. Kim- the office in the Quay only deals with driver's license's...I WISH I could make the 5 minute drive to handle this crap!

    Courtney- apparently in order to change the name on your registration, you just have to change the name on the title, which apparently only requires filling out one simple form. This time, one form actually DOES take care of two things! Now if only I could find the title...



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