Saturday, April 3, 2010

This myth is BUSTED...but who cares?

This morning, J was watching Mythbusters.  Even I will admit, sometimes the stuff they do on that show can be interesting.  I mean, watching a ninja catch a flying arrow in mid-air is pretty cool!  (Really, I guess watching a ninja do anything is kinda cool, since normally they're so stealthy that they can't be seen at all...I mean, have you ever seen a ninja?  Exactly.)

But this morning the guys on Mythbusters are trying to determine if a duck's quack echoes.  My first thought?  WHO CARES?

Apparently, there are people out there who actually wonder about this.  And in case you are now wondering who these people could possibly be?  Turns out, J has an inquiring mind, and he wants to know.

Not only does he immediately get sucked into the show, he actually talks out loud to it!  When a duck quacks in a field, and no echo is recorded, he states that they should go to a place with concrete, so that the sound has something to bounce off of.  Really, J?

Well the geniuses on the show followed J's advice, and took the ducks to a warehouse to try again.  You could see the self-satisfied grin on J's face.  (I think he may actually secretly wish to be a Mythbuster.  Maybe that's why his iPhone is like a permanent appendage?  He's waiting for a call from the Mythbusters?  That would explain a lot.)

And if there are any other inquiring minds out there, it was determined that a duck's quack does indeed echo, but the echo is so similar to the quack itself that it's almost impossible to tell the difference.  Now you know!


  1. um. this is really weird. who thinks of this???

    so someone asked me the other day: do you get more wet in the rain if you run or walk through it? has mythbusters ever done it; do you know?

  2. SO weird, right?? It's funny, because I hardly EVER watch this show...but I'm almost positive that I've seen an episode where they test that run vs. walk in the rain thing. I don't recall the conclusion, though!



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