Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TV Weirdness

Now we've all been sucked into some sort of mindless television at some point.  You're channel surfing, and before you know it, you've stopped at some odd show you'd never choose on purpose, and suddenly you're totally enthralled with the E! True Hollywood Story of Milli Vanilli.

 So you're con artists...blame it on the rain.

Last night, J and I managed to get sucked into the most bizarre show ever.  Well, bizarre for us, at least.

Usually at bed time, I force J to suffer through re-runs of The Golden Girls.  I just love those kooky oldsters!  And as a side note, I sincerely hope to be as crotchety and mean as Sophia some day.  I think it's your right if you live to be that old.

But somehow last night, we ended up stuck on "The Best of Deadliest Catch."  And we stayed stuck on it through two and a half episodes.  Wha???

Somehow we both found it absolutely fascinating.  I mean, really, it's just a bunch of rough-and-tumble guys on a big ship together on the icy seas for months at a time.  *Wow- it actually sounds pretty interesting when I say it that way.  Like Titanic with blue collar workers instead of high society cruisers.  Oh, yeah, and no sinking at the end.*

What I learned from "Deadliest Catch":
  • Alaskan King Crabs are GINORMOUS!
  • There is absolutely no end to the coffee and cigarettes aboard the "Northwestern."
  • If you don't empty the cage fast enough, someone will probably kick your ass.
  • The Skipper is always right, even if he hasn't slept in 72 hours and has steered the ship into a vast icy nothingness.
Why was it that we couldn't turn it off, again?  Yeah, I'm really not so sure...

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  1. That show was awesome. While I'm not quite the manly-men that they are, I do live the dangerous life of a software engineer. The other day, the espresso machine was broken...for hours!



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