Friday, April 23, 2010

Feel Good Friday- Top Five!

The top five things that made me happy this week:
  1. Taco Night.  I love tacos!  I love how quick they are to make.  I love the assembly line that J and I form in the kitchen.  I love sitting on the couch and watching TV while we eat them, trying not to spill their contents all over the living room.  I just love tacos!
  2. Pictures.  New pictures of our Goddaughter were posted on Facebook this week.  They are beyond cute.  J and I looked at them together and marveled at all of her cuteness.  Makes me smile just thinking about her!
  3. Fruit on the Bottom.  I have re-discovered this amazing yogurt, and it has made me happy to have one for breakfast each morning this week!
  4. Kindergarteners.  I showed them how to write their names in cursive (which is utterly amazing to them, by the way.)  One of them tried it himself- a squiqqly line- and told me that this is how they write his name in England.  
  5. The new blog!  It's sunny and pretty, and now fully functioning again!  I love the look of it.  Plus J said I no longer look like a beginner.  Me likey.
By the way, "Feel Good Friday" is a feature used by many bloggers, started by a blog known as "The Girl Next Door Grows Up" (hence the logo).  Feel free to check her out!

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