Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

This Christmas season, being baby's first, we decided to see how long we could make Christmas last.  So we celebrated Faux Christmas, Mini-Christmas, and Christmas Christmas.

Christmas number one: We made the long drive to Cincinnati to see my family.  My brother Scott, needing a ride home from school, drove up with us.  Unfortunately, J's new job prevented him from joining us on this leg of Christmas.  But we made it safe and sound, and the nugget got to enjoy some much needed time with Grammy and Grampy.  Aunt Laura was also dying to see the boy!  We had lots of fun visiting, and celebrating Faux Christmas.  A movie, followed by dinner at Carrabas for Faux Christmas Eve, then dinner at home and a sibling gift exchange on Faux Christmas.  Faux Christmas also marked Gabe's ten month birthday!

Christmas number two: Since J couldn't join us in Cincinnati, I brought all of our gifts back home.  My sister, being the absolute gem that she is, made the drive back with us, so that I wouldn't be all by my lonesome with a crabby baby in the backseat.  (Actually, he was only crabby in North Carolina...but that last stretch of the trip is a decent three hours.  Good times.)  Once we put her on a flight back to Ohio, our little family celebrated our own Mini-Christmas, and opened the gifts from my family.  This is where Gabe opened his very first present!  Turns out, tearing the paper was only fun for a minute, then he moved onto playing with some boxes, and finally ignored Mini Christmas altogether and went back to his toybox.

Christmas number three: On Christmas Eve, we piled back into the car and drove to New Bern to see J's family.  Everyone there was anxious to see the nugget, as well!  We spent the day together visiting and catching up.  On Christmas Christmas, Gabe gave his parents the gift of sleeping in.  The boy didn't wake up until 7:45!  When we made our way downstairs, everyone was waiting for us.  We dove into gifts and then spent a lovely day together.

It was wonderful to get to see and spend time with family this holiday season.  I'd say baby's first Christmas was a huge success!

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