Monday, December 5, 2011


A rant, dedicated to all of the spitters in the world.

Why?  Why do some feel the need to spit?  This is a question I've wondered not infrequently.  I simply do not understand what compels a man (or woman, I suppose) to propel the saliva and/or phlegm from their mouths onto the ground.  In public.  Without regard to the people surrounding them.  It is utterly disgusting. 

I do not see how this is ever acceptable in polite society.  Oh, wait...IT'S NOT.  You see, spitters, there are plenty of us who do not spit.  Your saliva has a purpose as a part of your digestive system.  Swallow it.  And if per chance you are ill, and truly need to spit, for the love of all things good, please go to the restroom.  (But do not get confused here- it is also unacceptable to spit into a sink and then leave it there for the next person to find.)

Last week, I had what was quite possibly the most disgusting experience of my life- and this coming from someone who once had a student vomit on my desk, while I was sitting at it.  I was at the gas station, and as I went to swipe my debit card at the pump, I accidentally dropped it on the ground.  It landed directly into a gooey puddle left by a spitter.  I literally gagged as I picked it up by the corner to clean it off.  UNACCEPTABLE. 

Spitters, you disgust me.

End rant.

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