Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gabe- Ten Months (+ one week)

Double digits, my friends!  The boy is getting up there, creeping his way toward a year old.  And oh, what fun we are having watching him grow.

Q: Walking yet?
A: Not yet.  We thought that he just may do this by Christmas, but it looks as though he is not yet interested.  He can get anywhere he wants to- and very quickly at that- by crawling.  But he is on his feet all. the. time.  He pulls up on anything and everything.  He cruises along furniture, dog crates, and people.  Sometimes, while he's playing with a toy after having pulled himself up on one thing or another, he'll let go, and use both hands to play.  Suddenly, he'll realize that he's not holding onto anything, and he'll plop down on his butt.  Standing is happening frequently.  Walking, not so much.

Q: What is the nugget eating these days?
A: Less formula, more food.  He is really starting to lose interest in the bottle (great!) and wants to eat more real stuff.  He's a fan of all baby food, but really loves yogurt, applesauce, and Cheerios (oh, how he loves the O's!).  We've starting giving him more and more of what we're eating, as well.  He's got six(!) teeth, so he can handle it like a pro.  He appears to enjoy bananas (but struggles to pick them up and get them into his mouth), potatoes in any form, and small pieces of bread.  And we gave the boy some pudding- it was love at first taste.  He threw a mini-fit when the cup was empty.  The long and short of it?  He loves to eat.

Q: How big is he?
A: At his (much rescheduled and belated) 9-month appointment, he weighed 24lbs, 7oz and was 29 5/8 inches long.  He's BIG.  A chunky, long, giant of a baby.  He's wearing clothes sized 12-18 months, and even these appear to be getting a little "high watery" for my liking.  It's cold, and his ankles are beginning to peek out.  How can it be that a child who is still two months from turning a year old can possibly need clothes meant for babies 18-24 months?  Craziness.

Q: Favorites?
A: Right now, his very favorite is a stuffed duck that my mom knitted for him.  He loves that thing.  In fact, he loves it so much that he loved a wing right off of it.  Sometimes he crawls around, holding the duck between his teeth by its little orange beak.  HI-larious.

Other favorites are toilet paper, keys, the remote control, Roomba, cell phones, and the iPad.  Like father, like son?

Q: Does Gabe have any new tricks?
A: My very favorite thing- he gives kisses.  He now knows the word, so if I ask him for a kiss, he'll lean in, mouth wide open, and plant one on me.  He sometimes does this on his own, even when I haven't asked.  Occasionally, he'll put my face between his two tiny hands and pull me in for a smooch.  This usually happens when I pick him up from the babysitter or get him out of his crib after a sleep.  It makes my heart so happy when this happens.  It's like he's telling me that he's missed me, and he's so happy to see me.  The cuteness...

Non-stop fun around these parts!

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