Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tired, Revisited

Awhile back, J and I were watching (okay, well, I was watching- J was unfortunate enough to be in the room) a rerun of Beverly Hills, 90210.  (LOVE my Niner!)  The silly girls were trying to decide whether or not this fraternity boy was a good enough guy for Donna Martin to date.  So Kelly told Donna to ask him which book would best describe him, as this is apparently quite telling.

I'm sure it will tell you whether or not the boy is literate- beyond that, I'm not sure you'd get much out of this question.

In any case, I decided that The Princess and the Pea would best describe me.  (Beside the fact that I am a little high maintenance, I hadn't been sleeping much, remember?)

On a side note, J said that Braveheart best described him.  I laughed.

Well, friends, I am happy to report that I have changed my answer.  Sleeping Beauty is now a better descriptor.

We bought a new bed.

I have officially entered the realm of the grown-up-appropriate firm mattress.  And in true Princess style, of course the most expensive mattress in the store was the one I fell in love with.  Such is life.

With a new bed came new bedding, as we upgraded to a size king.  (Squee!)

Here she is: the newest addition to the master bedroom, and the source of my restful slumber.
Please excuse the blue curtains, that obviously no longer match,

Accent pillow from last bed- I think it still works!

I love these birds that are perched throughout the duvet.

I am now in need of some art to hang above the bed and some curtains that match, but they will have to wait a little while.  My pockets, they are empty.  But I do believe this purchase was SO worth it.

I am no longer tired.  :) 

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  1. Lucky you that your mattress was the only reason you were tired! Glad you're sleeping better now!



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