Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pain Assessment for Dads

When I was at the hospital to deliver the nugget, this was posted on a bulletin board on the wall.
{click photo to make larger}
It's meant to help you measure and describe to medical staff the level of pain you are feeling.  (Pre-epidural?  I was that red faced guy with tears at the end.  Post-epidural?  Smiling brightly like the greenie to the left.  Gotta love drugs.)

Throughout the whole birthing process, all of the attention is focused on the mama.  In reality, you know Daddy is freaking out a little, too, and is probably feeling a little pain of his own.  (I assure you, however, not the same type of pain.)  To that end, I propose this scale be added to the hospital bulletin board.
{click photo to make larger}
Equal rights for daddies!

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