Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On a Related Note

After taking possession of Margie the Minivan, I knew that I had some business to attend to.  That's right- the dreaded DMV.  (Insert B-horror movie actress scream here: AAAAAHHHHHH!)

Twice recently, people have mentioned to me the DMV in Angier.  Seriously, peeps, if you think The Quay is a small town, you should get a load of Angier.  The DMV is "downtown" in a little storefront.  We're talking tiny.

I assumed that, however quaint the locale may be, the wait would still be long and the staff would still be miserable.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in, stepped directly up to the counter, and was helped by the sweetest granny this side of the Mason-Dixon.  She called me "honey" and didn't even mind that I had messed up the title a little bit.  She just hand-wrote a little note explaining my error and notarized it, attaching it to my paperwork in case of any questions down the line.

I was in and out of there in ten minutes, new license plate in hand.

I told her that I had been driving into Cary for years, and didn't even know that their little branch existed, to which she replied "Well, honey, aren't you glad you found us?"

Glad, indeed.

Local folks, I am here to tell you.  It's worth the drive to Angier.  Go.  Immediately.  Even if you don't have DMV business to attend to.  Just go and say hello to the sweet granny!

And when you do have business to attend to, STAY AWAY FROM CARY!  Seriously.

That is all.

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