Friday, July 29, 2011

Tired **

**FYI, I had this post beautifully written in my mind as I was laying awake around 4:00 this morning.  I remember thinking to myself, "What great word choice that is!  Oh, that's a funny transition!  Don't forget to include this!"  I don't remember a word of what I had thought out then.  Too bad.

Yep, I'm tired.  And it's not because I have a baby, which would be the logical excuse.  It's because I am old, with creaky joints and an unsupportive mattress! 

Could I possibly sound more like an crotchety old lady, really?

We're currently sleeping on the firmest mattress in the house (because Plush is technically more firm than Pillow Top, no?), and have even purchased a memory foam mattress topper (just like NASA uses!!) to cradle my achy self into a supported, restful slumber.

It ain't workin'.

My tossing and turning is keeping J awake, and he sleeps through everything!  I'm even disturbing the dog.

Mama thinks it's time for a new bed. 

And unfortunately, that is all.  I'm pretty sure I had other things to say when I originally thought this out.  A humorous anecdote, even.  But as I sit here typing now, I've got nothin'.  Maybe if I get a new bed, I'll rest easier, and I'll have something better to contribute?

Until then...tired.

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