Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 22: Favorite Super Hero

What I really want to say is Wonder Woman.  Not only can she fly, but even her accessories have super powers!  And you all know how I feel about accessories.  The girl wears a tiara, for Pete's sake.  A magical tiara.  And indestructible bracelets.  Total coolness.
And a bustier to boot.  What a fashionable hero she is!
But the truth is, Wonder Woman is kinda off the radar.

Really, I think Batman is the most badass of all the super heroes.  I'm not sure why, really, because he can't fly, he doesn't have any magical abilities, and if we're being honest, he doesn't even have super powers!  He's just a badass with really cool gadgets.  And lots o' money to fund his badassery.  Maybe that's why I love him so.
Plus, everyone must admit that "The Dark Knight" made Batman cool again.  So long, Adam West.  POW!  I am so looking forward to "The Dark Knight Rises", so that Christian Bale may return to protect Gotham City once more.

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