Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 19: Nicknames

What's in a name?  There are probably more nicknames out there that I don't know about (yikes!), but I certainly have one very obvious nickname: Betsey.  My full first name is actually Elisabeth, but I have been called by the name Betsey since I was born.

And yes, you read that correctly.  That's Betsey with an 'e-y', and Elisabeth with an 's'.  You remember those little plastic license plates you could get for your bike when you were a kid?  Yeah, I never had one.

Elisabeth is actually a family name, and Betsey- well, I don't actually know why!  I guess my parents just liked it!  AND, there is a Hallmark artist by the name of Betsey Clark (my maiden name), spelled the same way as mine and everything!  I had one of these cheesy Christmas ornaments for every year from the time that I was born until I turned 15, when they stopped being made.
If you look really closely, you can see the artist's signature on the bulb.

Kinda nifty.

Some other names I am called:
Mrs. Anderson (by my current students)
Miss Clark (by droves of previous students that see me at the grocery store on a weekly basis)
Bets (for short- most of my family calls me this)
B (for shorter)
Ginger, Gingersnap, or G2 (by my favorite fellow ginger, G1)

And wow, if someone out there on the Interwebs is stalking me, I just gave away a whole lotta information!  So much for anonymity! 

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