Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gabe- Five Months

I'm pretty sure I say it every month. but I'll say it again...time is flying.  I can't believe my boy has been here now for five months.  This is all happening way too fast!

Baby G is a mover and a shaker.  Put him down in the floor, and watch out.  Gone are the days when he would stay in one place and we felt safe to look away for a moment.  Now, he rolls this way and that, he scoot, scoot, scoots all over the place, and he is even trying desperately to get his little legs up underneath him, lest they hinder his movement any longer. 

He likes to play.  As in, really play.  He is fascinated with his toys.  He will reach out and grab them, and immediately put them in his mouth.  He makes rattles rattle, and spinners spin.  He has found his toes, and if no toy is available, he will lay on his back and play with them.  J has said that this is the month that Gabe became fun.

The boy has teeth!  And he wants to use them!  One day, I was holding him in my lap while I ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast.  He watched my hand like a hawk.  Every. single. move.  He reached out his little hand like he wanted a bite.  The boy wanted some real food.  He had cereal for lunch that day.  Since then, he has also given sweet potatoes and peas a whirl.

He has started exhibiting preferences.  He has a favorite show (Yo Gabba Gabba), a favorite toy (links), a favorite dog (Daphne).  How is it that one so little already knows what he likes?  Amazing.
Just watching Yo Gabba Gabba, playing with my toes.

Love my links!

Other Gabe-isms:
He is not a morning person.
He loves the water.
He likes to be held in the air, flying like Superman.
Holding onto a burp cloth makes him happy.

I love learning new things about him, and not a week goes by when this doesn't happen.  He is just such a delight.  Love that boy of mine.


  1. He is soooo cute!! Look at all that hair! I agree that this is a really fun age - they are finally interacting with the world around them! Sophie is obsessed with Baby Einstein videos on YouTube - haven't tried YoGabbaGabba yet though!

  2. I despise that show! The man in the orange suit OMG!! Can it get any tighter?!?! But kids love it!



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